5 Simple Tricks to IMPROVE Your Marketing Strategy

I’m going to start off this blog post with a bonus tip for marketing: USE SOCIAL MEDIA. If your business does not have at least two social media pages you are already falling behind in your marketing. I’m feeling generous, so here is another tip: Use hashtags and use them correctly. If you are unaware or unsure of how to use hashtags correctly, read “3 Tips on IMPROVING your Hashtags.” Now, let’s get started.

  1. Boost your Posts

Don’t be afraid to invest into your marketing. Paying for a post boost is a great and simple way to spread what your business is all about. For example, Facebook has an option to boost your post for only $20. Now the price being so low is great, but it’s what you get that’s truly amazing. With the $20 you can boost the audience your post reaches by about 10,000+, and the more you invest into it the more people it reaches.

  1. Retweet and Respond

Tweeting new things every day and supplying your followers with new knowledge on what your business is based on is great. However, it’s not enough. Connecting with your target audience is a CRITICAL part of marketing. Retweet posts that share the same ideology as your company or posts that personally thank your company for your hard work. This is directly related to responding to posts as well. Let your followers know you heard them. Let them know how much their business and support truly means to you. It’s called social media, be social. You wouldn’t go to a get together and sit in the corner just yelling out things you like. Get out there, shake some hands, meet new people, share your interests…virtually that is.IG

  1. Instagram Spam

I gave you a little tip for Facebook and Twitter so I believe we need one for Instagram as well. Now, this is more of what not to do rather than a trick but still helpful none the less. Some businesses see Instagram as they see Twitter, as something they need to constantly post on in order to stay relevant. This is not the case. Posting multiple times in one day on Instagram can get very annoying, maybe not for you but definitely for your audience. Even posting once every day MIGHT just be a little too much. I’m not going to tell you exactly how many times you should post every week because there is no template for it, however, I will tell you to manage your posts while being cautious as to not over post. (We like to keep our Instagram at 3-4 posts a week).

  1. Business Cards

Every business has its own business card, but what about some of the individual employees? Making unique business cards for your employees is a great and easy way to spread the word about your company. Your employees will feel proud to be handing out their business cards and in doing so will also help people see your company name or logo.

Customer service feedback

  1. Customer Service

The most important marketing tool you could ever ask for is good customer service. Treating your customers’ right and going the extra mile for them is by far the best way to spread your business through word of mouth. People are more than willing to express how easy and comforting their experience was at any business as long as feel you did everything you can for them.

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