5 Reasons Why a Website is Critical to Your Small Business

Every business no matter how big or small should have a website. However, some business owners seemed to be misinformed of the fact that small businesses don’t actually need a website.  An investment into a website is not only beneficial but, depending on who you choose to develop your website, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

For those who disagree with this statement, here are some thoughts to consider:

  1. Credibility

According to Reachlocal.com, “85% of consumers are searching for local businesses online.” Without an online presence, these consumers are more likely to be directed to your competitors. Having a website gives your business credibility and increases the chances of it being indexed through SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Side Note: If you are one of those guys (yes, we are calling you out) that saved money 5 years ago and built your own website; it might be time to hire a professional to increase the functionality of your site and give your business the attention and professionalism that it deserves!

  1. Cost

Almost all businesses invest money every month in advertising their products and services. It’s time your small business started looking at websites the same way!

Hiring someone to create a website for your can vary in price, just like any other service on the global market. However, after investing into your website and having it completed, the general cost of upkeep would be $100 or less.

  1. Customer Service

Having a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), blog, or newsletter on your website is definitely a great way to connect with your online snoopers.  You are putting up useful information that is available to your customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Blogs and newsletters are a great way to keep your customers informed and keep them up to date on the latest products, services, or offers that you might be able to offer them.

  1. Access

The beauty of putting all of this information online is that they are available to everyone who might be interested in your company, at any time, on demand.  With technology being available almost everywhere you go, it is very easy for a consumer to pull up their smart phone and search for the product or service they require. Studies show that most of the decisions consumers make about buying a product or service is already made before they even call or visit your business for more information. The hidden trick here is that if you can include case studies or before/after pictures of your work, it acts as a full time salesperson selling your services online to your potential clients.

  1. Expand Your Market

Now, a website is a perfect place to show off your service and product (But wait, there’s more). Once you have mastered the above features and tricks to reach a whole new audience, in comes the opportunity to sell your products online.  By selling on your website, not only do you expand your market tremendously, but you also allow your current customers to access your goods faster and more efficiently, and even while you sleep!

The current improvements in our technology, coupled with the new generation of online shoppers and researchers, makes it an absolute necessity for your business to have a website. Having a website for your business could be the difference between that one extra sale per month, or that one extra lost client per month.

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