4 Reasons Why Your Social Media Marketing Strategy is Failing

You’ve decided to expand your market, so you’ve created your social media pages in hopes of reaching out to the community. However, things don’t look to be going as planned, you’re losing followers by the week and failing to gain the interests of new visitors.

Here are some of the possibilities that trigger your social media downfall:

  1. Sales Pitch

A common misconception or ideology of businesses creating social media pages is using them to constantly push their products onto users. Doing so will only cause users to unfollow/block/unlike your pages. The purpose of creating social media pages for your business is giving consumers what they want: helpful information, tips, product comparisons, etc.

Giving consumers what they want will keep your business in their minds as the people who were helpful to them when they needed it, rather than the people who tried to sell them a laptop for $999 when all they required was to know how to reformat it.

  1. Time Investment

Merely creating your social media pages isn’t automatically going to get your business the credibility and recognition you hope to accomplish. If you are personally managing the social media pages, it is your job to put the time into it in order to accomplish your marketing goals (and yes, this means the hours spent on social media go beyond the 9-5).

  1. Lack of Engagement

Senselessly posting like a robot for the sake of getting content out does more damage than good to your marketing. Responding to your followers, sharing their content that ties in with your company’s beliefs, communicating with the people of your community; these are some of the simplest ways to engage with your community.

You’re not a machine. You’re a real human. Act like one on your social media pages and respond to the community as if you were having a face to face conversation with each member.

  1. Content

As manager of your social media pages it is your job (and good customer service) to provide your community with valuable and beneficial content. The simple task of sharing a blog post or article you found helpful with your community is a great example of having good content on your social media pages (Isn’t it great? Not all great content on your page has to be originated by you).

Remember, users would rather see your page here and there with helpful content rather than see your page constantly on their feed with nonsense.


Now that we have identified some of the problems that occurs with social media marketing, here are “9 Ways to Save Your FAILING Social Media Marketing Campaign.

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