Fred Babadjanians

the go to guy&co-co-co-co-founder

Fred Babadjanians, Co-Founder

Fred Babadjanians is the driving force behind Everlook Studios. Let’s put it this way, if he wasn’t here, we would all be lost. Fred’s awesome leadership skills help us stay on task and meet deadlines for our clients.

Fred’s role at Everlook Studios can be summed up with a single sentence: He does everything! He manages projects, finances, scheduling, billing, and client relationships—he even waters the plants!

Fred is the person to talk to at Everlook Studios. Want something added to your website? Talk to Fred. Need guidance in a certain decision you are making? Talk to Fred. Need someone to yell at because nothing is working? It okay we understand, so here is his email…go yell at him!

All in all Fred is an awesome person and we are glad to have him on board…if we didn’t Everlook Studios wouldn’t exist.