Dro Sarhadian

director of web development & co-co-co-co-founder

Dro Sarhadian, Co-Founder

Dro Sarhadian is one of the Co-Founders of Everlook Studios. We are shocked that he is a co-founder because he is always one of those people who has so many projects going on that he can’t find anything. Nonetheless, we are proud that he found time to found Everlook Studios.

Dro Sarhadian has a very unique expertise in business foundation and operations. He understands beyond the naked eye what it takes to provide solutions for all types of businesses. Dro will be the guy who stands over our product developers to make sure your project is functional and business friendly. Dro goes the extra mile for everyone that he meets. This is a major problem, because Dro goes so many miles for our clients that we have to keep buying new shoes for him.