Artin Kasparian

director of infrastructure&co-co-co-co-founder

Artin Kasparian, Co-Founder

Artin Kasparian is a network administrator at heart. We kidnapped him and showed him what a wonderful time he could have in a design studio. It was love at first……. You get the point. Artin’s leadership skills and positive attitude has made the Everlook Team what it is today: A team.

Artin’s roles include managing servers, securing servers, updating important security threats, making sure credit cards are processing for all of our clients, and basically correcting any hardware related issue that comes up on our servers. If anything happens to our web servers, rest assured that 1) We will always blame Artin, and 2) Artin is already working on it. Now that is the true mark of a network administrator

Artin works so your website can continue to work. We are very lucky to have him manage our equipment too!