Tavern on Brand Case Study

The Challenge

on Brand, a local bar was in need of advertising flyers for social media (daily specials, sports related flyers, holiday flyers) posters advertising specials, events, food menus, drink menus, and happy hour menus. Tavern on Brand reached out to us and like everyone else, they were in a major rush. They were having a major problem reaching out to their customers. Customers were complaining that they could not read the menu and they never knew what the drink specials were.

The Solution

Everlook Studios started the project by investigating all of their flaws their current menu and signage had. We talked to customers and gathered their thoughts on what the bar was missing, what it needed and what was wrong with what they had. We visited neighboring bars, pubs and eateries and looked at everyone’s solution to this problem. They all looked like they used the same poster designer and table tent guys. (Alcohol reps)

We started with the Menu: The original menu was small cluttered and hard to read and full of typos. We redesigned the menu, made it bigger double sided single sheet, laminated it for durability (and lets face it, it’s a bar, people spill drinks all the time) and most importantly made the type bigger for legibility.

Once the Menu issue was resolved, we moved forward and made Cocktail and Beer Lists, Happy Hour Drink and Food Specials, and made table tents to be displayed on each table. We designed posters advertising live music, and promotions they had going on at the time.

Our Work

  • Re-design of Food Menu
  • Creation of Sports and Specials Flyer for promotional use
  • Designed Table Tents for Happy Hour Drink & Food Menu