Maria Cozette Case Study

The Challenge

Maria Cozette is an American recording artist, songwriter, television host, and producer has flourished in the performing arts since the age of 4. As a young starlet, it was apparent to her family, friends, and industry professions that she had extraordinary talent and charisma. After Maria’s first solo performance on television at the age of 4, she rocketed into the spotlight. Throughout her adolescence, Maria Cozette studied dance with a ballet emphasis for 15 years, as well as Vocal Training, Piano, Solfege, and Theater. She performed at numerous prestigious venues, television networks, headlining musicals and concerts, and sustained a lead in all dance recitals. With a demanding stage presence, there was no doubt Maria Cozette was Born Ready.

As Maria Cozette continued to touch more and more hearts and her following increased; she needed a website to enable her fans to keep up with her career. With her popularity growing, she also needed an avenue to share her blog, her music, her videos, and her photos with her fans.

The Solution

Everlook Studios created a website for Maria Cozette which allows her to reach out to her fans using a multitude of avenues, including but not limited to: Blog posts, YouTube videos, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, itsmyurls, iTunes, and cdbaby!

The result?
Maria Cozette is now able to reach out to her audience in more ways than ever before. Utilizing the many tools provided to her, she is able to connect with fans all over the world and spread her music through the website.

Our Work

  • Wireframing
  • WordPress Design
  • Analytical Tracking and Reporting
  • Social Media Presence
  • Facebook Integration
  • Twitter Integration
  • Blog Capability Integration
  • Website Maintenance and Updating
  • YouTube Video Integration